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From: Kristi Sayles

Dear Fellow Writers,

I am so excited!

One day I was writing a query letter about an article I wished to see published, when I realized that there was a certain format that I wrote all my successful query letters in...

I wondered if it were possible to create a downloadable software program that could generate the pattern that I use to save time. That's when I contacted my favorite programmer and discussed the possibility with him. He not only created the program exactly the way I dreamed about, he also TAUGHT me how to duplicate the program and others like it - by myself!

Even though I have already had several articles published in magazines such as Home Business Journal, Cutting Edge Opportunities, Inet Exec, Executive Update, and way too many other publications (on and offline) to list here, I know for a fact that I will use "Instant Query Letters" every time I suggest an article to any magazine from now on. It's a major time-saver. I truly believe that EVERY writer, new and experienced, will find this software a unique and invaluable writing experience.

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While writers love writing, we often hate composing the necessary Query Letters. Novice writers have an even tougher time making their first impression on an editor sound professional.

Instant Query Letters gives writers, whether veteran or novice, a quick, user-friendly format for initial correspondence with a prospective editor. The fill-in-the-blank areas of the program helps a writer remember the essential components of a query, whether for a book or magazine article. Any writer who hates wasting time on queries will appreciate this program.

Deborah K. Frontiera-

Editors despise incomplete, shoddy queries. Your article or book may put Poe to shame, but you MUST have an excellent query first or you might as well forget about getting on the "best sellers" list."Instant Query Letters" has a simple Q & A format that never allows you to forget a single important piece of information -- plus adds just a "hint" of hypnotic writing to firmly imprint your Letters into the editor's mind. Editors will LOVE the outstanding professionalism that your Query Letters provides!


Kristi Sayles has come up with an excellent program for writers. Even a novice like me can now write professional Query Letters that will demand attention. Thanks Kristi! You're a Godsend!


Elizabeth H. Foster



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  • Complete Information - "Instant Query Letters" contains all of the vital pieces of information that the most demanding editors require.

  • Simple Q and A Format - All you have to do is answer a few easy questions about your article or book and press a button. A completely irresistible Query Letter suddenly appears before you ready to use immediately!

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Just Imagine writing your own success story in 4 easy steps...

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Don't forget! Editors despise incomplete, boring queries and will toss them faster than you can say, "But what about MY article?" With "Instant Query Letters", you'll never again have to worry, because every single Query Letters you generate will be exactly what the editors are looking for!


By now, you may be wondering how much this revolutionary new software is going to cost. Well, let's say that it was only $195.00 and just one article of yours got published in a huge magazine that made you famous virtually overnight... Would instant fame and fortune be worth a measly $195? You bet it would! But, what if I said that since this product has only recently been released, so I am going to slash that price and give you the most amazing, innovative software product to ever be released in the Writer's Market, for only $137.00? That's a HUGE savings! You'll have to agree...

Of course, I do realize that many of you may not be able to afford $137.00 right now, and I really want to help as many people as I possibly can with their Query Letters. So, I'll make you a deal that'll knock your socks off. If you will agree to tell as many people as you can find who are interested in getting their articles published, about "Instant Query Letters", I'll go ahead and give you the software right now, for only $37.00. I've sold several for as much as $97.00 with no problems. Now,


I'm running this promotion until I generate a few more testimonies like the ones below.

Then, the price will probably go back up. So hurry!


• Before he wrote Roots, Alex Haley had received 200 rejections.

• Robert Persig's classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, couldn't get started at 121 houses.

• John Grisham's first novel, A Time to Kill, was declined by fifteen publishers and some thirty agents. His novels have more than 60 million copies in print.

• The Baltimore Sun hailed Naked in Deccan as "a classic" after it had been rejected over seven years by 375 publishers.

That's an awful lot of Query Letters to write and send before you strike gold.

There are literally thousands of publishers, of magazines, papers and ezines and to find one or more who really believes in a new author is a hard and difficult task.

Sending Query Letters in the first instance is appreciated by all - from agents to busy editors and their staff - and noted as a sign of professionalism.

This programme makes it easy to produce a postive Query Letter quickly, which is of the essence because as a professional author, one needs to write and send many.

It is also easy to personalise further after the main points have been covered and for a new author starting out, it might well be the incentive they need to keep at it, keep on sending Query Letters and finding their breakthrough personal contacts in the long run.

James Masterson
E-Book Division
The StarFields Network



Let me ask you a very important question:

Isn't your writing worth investing in?... You do believe in yourself, don't you?

Of course, you do!

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You KNOW that your query is not the only one that the editor is going to be reading -- make yours STAND OUT with its professionalism.

OK, so what are you waiting for? Within seconds from now, you could be creating professionally written, complete Query Letters that will impress the editor of your choice enough to WANT to publish YOUR writing!

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Don't you just HATE to get a new program that you are disappointed in as soon as you open it? So do I.

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To Your Writing Success,

Kristi Sayles

Questions? Comments?

Email me HERE.

P.S. Don't ever forget that magazine and book publishers are SWAMPED with queries every single day. Yours should be above average! In fact, yours should be outstanding! "Instant Query Letters" will make absolutely sure you get the credit you deserve for your writing. Believe me, once you get your hands on this software, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it...100% Guaranteed.


Your "Instant Query Letters Software" does exactly what it says on the box. Concise, effective Query Letters in an instant. Structured, yet personal - just what every writer needs. So quick to use that there's less time spent selling, and more time for writing."


Jon Wilson
Internet Consultant and Author

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